Dec 282013

It has been a busy holiday season here at Banner House. But apparently not a very vocal one. That’s why I’m writing this up for everyone, just a quick status update.
A few bullet points.

Valor Quest is delayed. Huzzah our first delayed game and we haven’t even gotten started! The key word here is “delay” not canceled. This game has proven to be a wild success in our playtest groups and is shaping up to be an excellent game. However it’s a little outside of Banner House’s means at the moment. General development and playtesting is still continuing so keep your eye out for updates on VQ.

New game: Psychosis. Psychosis is a game of competing doctors and their patients in a mental ward. Patients have an assortment of Psychosis that affect how they behave and how they take their medicine. Doctors prescribe medicine and send patients to therapy which of course only makes things worse. Patients are trying to figure out which doctor they can trust, because they believe, correctly, that one is trying to kill them!

FREE GAMES! Coming soon, there will be a new section on the website where you can download Free games developed by John Parmalee and later, others. These include social games, print ‘n play games, simple RPG experiments, and even a demo of Valor Quest! Every time that we design a game that’s too small to manufacture, we’ll be placing it on this page. They can be downloaded FOR FREE!

Power Play is at the printer right now! While Banner House Games was just the developer of Power Play, we’re still very excited for it’s release by Level 99 Games Soon. You can head to for details. Expect to see a new kickstarter page soon after. *wink*

That’s all for the bullet points. A lot of development has been going on in between visiting with family and getting ready for the new year. Now a lot of hard work for the next few months. Expect more updates. Thanks for reading!