Apr 292015

Hello everyone! It’s been a long while since we’ve had an update from Bannerhouse. You’ll be happy to know that despite our quite inexcusable delays, that we are still going strong and still working hard to bring a new collection of games your way. We’ve expanded our work base and now have twice the man-power. This adds productivity, new ideas, and accountability. Yuck.. not much fun to say aloud (or type for that matter) but it’s true. This means that instead of reading about an upcoming game, I can now give you an actual expected day of release!

Right now we’re focusing on a few things. Here’s what we’ve got in the works.

Graphical updates to the free games. Those pdfs are fine and clean, but they’re not very flashy. We’re changing that now.

New Print and Play pdfs. Some more small free games for YOU to enjoy at the click of a mouse.

A Mobile Game! No it’s not the most amazing news in the world and we’re not ready to announce the game yet. But keep your eyes open. We plan to release this June 2015

If you’re wondering about the mobile game then I suppose it should be addressed. Yes we are breaking into the mobile game department. But we are not leaving behind our traditional game roots. We plan on releasing both digital and traditional games as well as paired games that utilize both mediums. This is a bit far into the future but you can imagine how excited we are to get started.

Thanks for sticking with us and we can’t wait for you to see the new games!